1. I was inducted on May 12, 1972.

  2. My Certificate of TSD Membership does not have a date on it, but I served as President of the Rho Chapter in 1960.

    Apparently the Georgia Tech Chapter was only 2 years old at the time!

    • Please send me picture of your TSD Certificate and I will look for the original and send you a new certificate with a date on it. Please send your image to maria.jeffery@ttu.edu.
      Thank you

    • Michelle,

      Enjoyed watching a couple studio end-of-year exhibits last June…Reminded me to tell you that I researched the beginning of Tau Sigma Delta in the annual blueprints. Apparently the Rho Chapter did not pay its dues for a couple years, because the national organization’s dates for the beginning of the Rho Chapter are somewhat inconsistent with the BLUEPRINT. I hope the Rho Chapter is still active!

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