TSD offers several benefits to its Members, such as forums/discussion pages, social networking connections, official society jewelry, regalia, certificates and medals, and access to TSD ByLaws, Annual Reports, Minutes and Reports, and Operating Procedures.

TSD Jewelry

Jewelry and Regalia

Engraved Disc Charm Measures approximately 1/2″ with engraved Greek letters. Starting at…

Forming a New Chapter

Universities may apply to form a new chapter of TSD. Once the president verifies the request, a Greek name will be assigned.

TSD Membership

Certificates and Medals

Initiates will receive a TSD Certificate once they have accepted membership. Medals may also be available.

Annual Report

Annual Report

Each Tau Sigma Delta Chapter President, or Faculty Advisor, submits an annual report to the Grand Chapter.


Please review and/or save a copy of Tau Sigma Delta’s ByLaws.

Reasons to Join

Join Tau Sigma Delta

Join Tau Sigma Delta — the National Honor Society for Architecture and the Allied Arts — it’s a great idea!