TSD Certificate

TSD Certificate

Ordering New Certificates

After initiates accept membership in the Honor Society, the Chapter Faculty Advisor may fill out the  form below and submit to the national office of Tau Sigma Delta.  The amount per inductee will be $45.00.  Payment may be made using either a Credit Cart or PayPal.

If the paper form (download below) is used and sent by mail, a check from the Chapter’s university for the total of all certificates requested must accompany the list of names submitted.

Please Fill Out This Online Order Form:

Student lists may be submitted via email, but certificates will not be mailed until full payment is received.

Make checks payable to : “Tau Sigma Delta Grand Chapter”

Please fill out the paper Certificate and Medal Order Form and mail or email to:

Lisa Stewart
TSD Administrator

The Grand Chapter fee covers the cost of the membership certificate which is provided for each initiate and for lifetime membership.

*Engraving of Medals is the responsibility of the Chapter.
Medals can be ordered with the Certificate and Medal Order Form.

A lost certificate may be replaced by any member upon application to the Grand Chapter Administrative Assistant and payment of an appropriate charge ($10.00). The application should contain the name, chapter, and date of initiation. Please use the Replacement Certificate Form

Please see more detailed information about the Tau Sigma Delta Medals.


  1. I have tried to email you my list, but the email constantly gets kicked back. How should I send this to you.

  2. What is the turn around time to get the printed certificates to the college once we place the order?

  3. Hello Maria,

    In the fall we learned that our chapter had not submitted new members for the last several years. We are in the process of reviewing our bank statements and should be able to provide you with lists of names and dues soon. Could you please verify when was the last time our chapter submitted new membership?

    Thank you,
    Katherine Ambroziak – aambrozi@utk.edu
    TSD faculty advisor at the University of Tennessee

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